Sunday, June 26, 2011

A weekend in the bluegrass state

We spent the weekend in Louisville, Kentucky visiting my mother-in-law and Chris' granddad. How I love that state! It is absolutely beautiful country with miles and miles of horse farms that flank both sides of I-24... makes the last leg of the 6 hour trip a bit easier.

While traveling and staying in a hotel with 2 small (1 really small) children is challenging, we made the best of it... we sent Chris over to Texas Roadhouse to get us some to-go desserts for a "dessert party." You can get Keegan to do ANYTHING if you attach "party" at the end of it... which we may pay for when he becomes a teenager!

Here are a couple of pictures of us enjoying our "Hotel Dessert Party." Enjoy!

Yep... that is what we were eating at 8:53 p.m.- A cinnamon bun with apples, Carmel sauce and vanilla ice cream & a chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. YUM-O!
so much for weight watchers!

Monday, June 13, 2011


I know... it's been over a month since my last post! But, I have lots of fun things to share!

On Friday, Chris (my hubby) and I went down to the Scott Antiques
Market in Atlanta. If you have never been to Scott's- it's AMAZING!! You walk up and down hundreds of aisles with hundreds of people with hopes of finding that unique treasure that you just can't go home without. They have prints, guns (Chris' favorite), silver, jewelry, furniture, textiles, and the list goes on and on.

This trip to Scott's wasn't just for pure pleasure... it was to try and find the first "chair" for my new (yes, I'm trying something new AGAIN) venture and to get information on having a booth rental so that I can sell these chairs. I have been toying with the idea of reupholstering antique chairs with "flair" for almost a year now. So, I finally marked a date in my calendar to roll out with my very small inventory... the date... August 11th!

I did find several fabulous chairs that would be perfect for "still working on a name," but just couldn't pay the hefty price tag of $2200. So... we left there and I hit every salvage and antiques store this side of 285 with no luck. I decided to try this little consignment store about a mile from my house and I hit the mother load!! I didn't have to drive all over Georgia to find the first chair after all! So... meet "her" (still working on her name):

She has really ugly fabric- some sort of weird bird. It sort of reminds me of what my grandmother would have if she owned a beach house

I went fabric shopping today and here is what she will be recovered in. I traded one weird bird fabric in for another (but mine is much more fun)!!

A sneak peek of all of the fabrics that will used...
I am super excited to get started... but I need some help making some decisions!
1). What should I name this little chair company-
I have been playing with
"chair-olo-gie : The art of creative seating"
Flint Design Company and still name the chair portion something
"chaired," This way I can tie into design jobs and have chairs on the side. I could piggy back on Divine Living Interiors but I have been playing with different names since I am super slow right now. Plus, I thought that maybe Divine Living Interiors lends itself to more residential type of projects where "Flint Design Company" is much more broad. I. Don't. Know!! So ANY help, opinions, suggestions, etc. would be awesome!

Thanks! Nicole